How We Use G-d

>  The Reverend Jerry Falwell died yesterday and so did Yolanda King, daughter of the Reverend Martin Luther King so I think it’s a good morning to spend a little extra time thinking about G-d, religion and peace. What lessons can we take from the lives of these two powerful men that will serve us in ours?
   Both Reverends had a strong relationship with “the powers that be.”  Reverend Falwell was a moving force for the Christian Right, the Conservative wing of the Republican Party and a confidant with access to the most powerful political figures of our time. Reverend King was a unique political force of his own with ties to the liberal wing of the Democrat Party, an outsider who gained a voice he used to reach out to all people on behalf of the injustices done to his own.
   Both men devoted their lives to the messages of Jesus Christ and could not have done it differently had they set out with that intention.  
   Reverend Falwell was noted for being judgmental and divisive, holding strong beliefs about blame, rightness, wrongness, and G-d’s favor. To the contrary, Reverend King preached the politics of inclusion, the inherent value of every human being, and the importance of the concept of unity among all people.
   The lives lived by these two men, both “men of G-d” need be a lesson and reminder of how in the name of G-d we create, by our behavior and our voices, either harmony and peace or division and war.
   We have learned an enormous amount over the past 50 years about human consciousness. At the quantum level, we have discovered laws operating that defy reason as we know it and in some instances witness occurrences that contradict long held beliefs about our reality and how, in fact, everything appears to be connected to and influenced by everything else in the Universe. I’m sure it’s inevitable that we will come to know, with certainty, that every thought we have and every word we utter impacts our reality and in a very real sense creates the world we live in. 
   If peace is our goal, and G-d is our guiding force, I suggest that the disparity between how these two men of G-d lived their lives and spoke their truth be a guiding lamp unto us all. 
   However, some lamps provide better light than others and thereby enable us to see a bit clearer and a bit farther. So too with the light reflected off these men.
   Reverend Falwell provided us with a dim light that created many shadows and dark places making it difficult to find not only ourselves, but one another. On the other hand, Reverend King’s light still shines brightly, providing a clear and accessible path to oneness and, therefore, peace.
   I don’t know what religious experts or the historical figure Jesus would think or say about this but I know one thing for certain. Reverend King lived a Christ Consciousness directed life and should remain for us an example of how unity is the goal and peace is the way.
   Today, may I suggest that you take Reverend King’s message out there with you and watch how it changes everything you do and everyone you meet.

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