Kali's Journey

Kali’s Journey

How do we empower children while teaching them about sprit and the unseen world?

How do we take the fear out of losing those we love?

How do we give children wisdom that sometimes takes adults decades to discover?

The answer to these questions are woven through the timeless story of Kali, a pre-teen who’s mother has died. Kali is overwhelmed by her loss and in her distress, runs away to her mother’s beach house. There Kali takes a sailboat out on the lake where she falls asleep. When she awakens it is to the onset of dusk and the discovery that she has drifted far from shore with no way back.

Distraught and fearful Kali cries out for her mother and is shocked when, in return, a young dolphin appears off the side of the boat and takes Kali on the adventure of her life! In conversation with the dolphin, the dolphin’s mother, and a wise old whale Kali learns about love, loss, inner guidance, connection to Source and, ultimately, the way home.

The book is an easy yet profound read and is accompanied by original art.

Kali’s Journey is for children age 5 and up, and the child within us all.

eBook Price: $7.95

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