Hire Carole

There are several ways in which you can work with Carole:

carole gold

Guest Speaker/Lecturer/Workshop Leader

50 minute presentation $ 1100.00

90 minute presentation $ 1550.00

2.5 Hour Workshop $ 2350.00

*Speaking fees do not include travel and living expenses.

Discounted speaking rates available for schools.
Contact Carole for more information.

One-on-One telephone consultation

30 minute phone consulting or coaching 

*Package pricing available

$ 125.00

Private in-person consultation

60 minute one-on-one consulting or coaching 

*Package pricing available

$ 247.00

Divorce Coaching

120 minute session $ 350.00

A Day With Carole

Carole will work with you exclusively for 8 hours,
including lunch, during which you and Carole
will assess and address: 

  • personal goals
  • career goals
  • accessing your own intuition
  • using focused intention to achieve results
  • renewing passion in your life
  • your spiritual connection and how to manifest it

You will leap forward in your life as a result of the work done, feel reinvigorated, have renewed sense of purpose, and be able to adapt to rapid change with fearless ease.

* Once purchased, you will be contacted to schedule a date.

$ 2500.00