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Leading the Way Through Change

Carole speaks to businesses with visionary leaders, individuals experiencing change, and teens with depression. Her calling is to eliminate resistance, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown so they no longer keep you from achieving your highest potential.

A paradigm shift has occurred. We have moved from seeking outer experts to accessing inner knowing. Through speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, CD’s and one-on-one coaching, Carole is your guide through the unknown.

Carole interviewed on An American Dream

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The Lightworker’s Handbook

The Lightworker’s Handbook is a simple explanation and user-friendly guide to navigating the changes taking place around you. Not only does the book succinctly lay out what is unfolding globally, it also makes your role in it all crystal clear. Find out why you may be feeling alone, and how you are connected to a network of Lightworkers that serve as both your reflection and your strength!

eBook Price: $9.95                      Paperback Price: $12.95 + $3.99 S&H


Carole has spent many years and countless changes in her own life perfecting an understanding of fear, and how to use it to your advantage.

Length: 50 Minutes
Price: $9.95 + $2.95 S&H


The Relationship Gap Survey© is a simple questionnaire designed for married couples or those intending to make a long-term commitment in or out of marriage.

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