Feedback from Students

Below is some of the feedback Carole has received from students that have attended her speeches on Depression and Suicide.

I thought Carole was an amazing speaker. I thought the way she reflected on her life was really noteworthy. She was not afraid to say anything. She was not just a person who told a story, but she connected it back to many other aspects of life.

Aaron S., Sophomore

Sophomore year has been absolutely miserable so far. Not that I ever, ever would consider committing suicide but Carole provided for me a new way to look at situations. I like her belief that there’s good in everything, that every situation is a choice, and how all emotions are either love or fear.

Zach S., Sophomore

Carole had a great presentation. I liked how she related to us and explained what she was going through in high school. The presentation was a real ‘eye-opener’ and made me realize what needs to be done if a situation like that ever occurs.

Ariana K., Junior

I liked that she didn’t hold anything back. She told us exactly what was going through her head. I’ve known other people who’ve had suicidal thoughts but never heard them talk about it like she did. She’s very brave and very wise.

Katie M., Junior

Carole was an amazing speaker. Everything she said really got to me and made me think. It affected me in such a good way. Everything she said was real, inspiring and emotional. She really knows how to reach kids.

Katelyn H., Sophomore