Fearless Living: 12 Principles of Power

This powerful presentation¬† based upon Carole’s book, The Questions God Will Ask: Prepping for the Final Exam and explores 12 Principles of Power which are necessary to maximize creativity and productivity. Carole explores the foundation and nuances of each Principle through questions that are specifically tailored to provide seminar participants a way to master each Principle and apply that mastery to their daily professional and personal life.

The 12 Principles of Power are:

Knowing – Awakening – Service – Forgiveness – Creativity – Courage –
Change – Oneness – Allowing – Gratitude – Love – Joy

Overall, this is a method for living fearlessly in the face of the extraordinary external pressures now surrounding us. The Principles provide not only insight into what causes chaos but also a method in how to successfully navigate it.

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