The Truth About Righteousness: A “How To” Course in Conscious Living

The Truth About Righteousness: A “How To” Course in Conscious LivingThe way you have been misled and kept from your own Divine power is the false and misleading way the true meaning of words and concepts has been manipulated.

This is particularly true of how these were hijacked by both governments and organized religions throughout time. This deception is dis-empowering and negatively impacts how we understand the concept of “Righteousness.”

Righteousness is not about being “good” or “sinless.” Righteousness is about much more than that. It’s about the “right-use-ness” of energy.

Carole is dedicated to sharing with you the truly empowering knowledge of this and many other key concepts in activating and maximizing your creative potential.

We all need an understanding of how to navigate this new reality as well as a support system to make certain we stay on path and mission. Carole invites you to the next level of understanding by participating in this workshop.You’ll have renewed clarity, delight in a group of like-minded people and receive your “Soul Pal”™… a real-time buddy there for you when you occasionally lose your focus or your way.

Price: $175