Relationship Gap Survey

The Relationship Gap Survey© is a simple and easy-to-take questionnaire designed for married couples or those intending to make a long-term commitment in or out of marriage.  It’s can also be the means by which separated or divorcing couples can reconcile with insight, answers, and tools that were previously beyond their reach.

The  Relationship Gap Survey© identifies and evaluates the “gaps” in your relationship by zeroing in on where and how those differences occur.  Then “gap mediation” helps you co-create a way to close the gaps to minimize, and often prevent, future conflict.  Where much estrangement has already occurred, as in separation or divorce, the Relationship Gap Survey©  can restore lost harmony while reigniting mutual respect.

Carole is a trained mediator, former family law attorney and spiritual intuitive who brings her vast professional and personal experience to supporting couples in maintaining a healthy, co-creative relationship by highlighting commonalities and mediating differences.

How it Works

The Survey is a download that each of you answers separately at your own pace. Once completed, you return the survey by e-mail for scoring, evaluation and a written Relationship Gap Findings Report. You then have the option to “mediate the gaps” with Carole, either in person, or on the Internet via a Skype video phone call.

So many couples find their relationships deteriorating, not for lack of love or desire, but because they simply don’t know where and how to find the middle ground.

Save yourself countless hours in couples, communication or marriage counseling by taking the Relationship Gap Survey.


Relationship Gap Survey $297.00

Relationship Gap Survey with Survey Findings Report and Recommendations $497.00

Relationship Gap Survey, Survey Findings Report and (3) 1-hour Gap Mediation Sessions $997.00

Working with Carole has made my relationship with my girlfriend much stronger. Through the use of an in-depth survey, she helps couples explore issues that they may not have taken into consideration. This helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. As a result, she partners with both people to derive well thought-out solutions to help the relationship prosper. Now, if we find ourselves about to get in an argument, we recall our conversations with Carole and resolve our dispute in a constructive manner. Carole’s program will help you turn any current frustrations into the building blocks of a solid foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

Lance Leimberg, Marlton, NJ